SMART platform that captures customer feedback onsite and helps:

  • Track customer experience in real time
  • Resolve customer complaints
  • Improve customer loyalty and satisfaction
  • Avoid asking redundant questions


Comment Analysis 
You no longer have to read as we provide in-depth analysis of customer comments, thus saving you a lot of time and enabling better insights.


Competitor Analysis
Would you like to know why you are better/worse than your competitors? Need clear-cut answers? You are at the right place.


Customer Loyalty
How likely will your customers recommend you to others? Need to measure customer loyalty? Our Net Promoter Score analysis answers your question.

Import Reviews for Analysis
If your restaurant manages Facebook Business pages, you can easily import customer reviews and link the page to us for detailed analysis of ratings.

Free Facebook Promotion *
Would you like to gain more Likes for your restaurant Facebook page from real users? Or show how much you care for customer feedback? We do it for FREE.


Onsite presentation *
Management wants to know the customer satisfaction insights from a closer perspectives? We do the onsite presentation of our findings and cover all your chains in our resentation.