Analytical and Informational Portal AgroAnalytics

The major purposes of the project are to:

  • provide detailed analysis of agricultural products in Uzbekistan
  • analyze Foreign trade (Exports) data
  • explore opportunities to boost export capabilities by means of reports and KPIs
  • open up new revenue channel for UzAgroHolding by offering research results on a subscription basis to foreign partners, research institutions and individuals
  • publish quarterly magazine featuring articles, interviews with local farmers

Analytical and Informational portal comprises of:

  • Dashboard with KPIs and detailed reports
    • Local statistics (related to and Originating from Uzbekistan)
    • External reports (market capacity, leading exporting countries by product type, etc.)
    • Competition analysis
  • List of farms by categories, region

Users of different access levels can sign in to the portal to obtain relevant information, and reports, such as farmers, UzAgroHolding employees, management team, etc.