Who we are


Our Philosophy

To understand the customer; share our expertise on usability; offer new features that can add value to the software;
write beautiful code . Our philosophy has formed throughout 15 years of collective experience.




We learned that helping customers shape the product they want is of utmost importance before any coding.

Nearly 80% of the people who approached us mostly had bullet points, and nothing really much specified. In prevailing
cases starting with juts an idea is a slippery slope and pushes people way beyond their budget and we understand it.

That’s why we design a concept, and create a dynamic prototype that addresses the needs specified by our customers.  Such an approach eliminates ambiguities and gives much more precise estimates.







Our Mission


Keeping customers within their budget and delivering
IT products exceeding their expectations.

We aim to develop from small apps to complex enterprises solutions, serving small, medium and large enterprises.
It is our goal to exceed customer expectations, and retain all our
customers delivering reliable, easy to use IT solutions.